Introductory tutorials

To help you get started with BEAST and get familiar with the different components and the work-flow we have put together a series of introductory tutorials that you can work through.

First Tutorial
An introductory tutorial about running BEAST.
Second Tutorial
An introductory tutorial about interpreting BEAST output.
Estimating Rates and Dates
A basic tutorial on inferring rates and dates from tip-dated virus data.


We also provide a number of stand-alone ‘how-to’ documents which describe the procedures for specific analyses, data types, or models in greater detail.

Creating taxon sets
How to create a taxon set in BEAUti.
Setting tip dates
How to use BEAUti’s options to conveniently set the dates of sequences.
Analysing BEAST output
How to analyse the output of BEAST in Tracer
Sampling the dates of tips
How to sample uncertainty in the dates of sequences.

Advanced Tutorials