SPREAD4 (Spatial Phylogenetic Reconstruction of Evolutionary Dynamics 4) is a major update to SPREAD and SpreaD3 and constitutes a package for analysis and visualisation of pathogen pylodynamic reconstructions.


SPREAD4 can be accessed directly here: https://spreadviz.org/

There is no need to install anything, and you only need either a Google account or an e-mail address (and an internet connection) to make use of SPREAD4, which runs entirely online.

SPREAD4 is compatible with popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I save my custom visualisation(s)?
  • How can I share my visualisations with others?

Citing SPREAD4

Nahata, K. D., Bielejec, F., Monetta, J., Rambaut, A., Suchard, M. A., Baele, G., Lemey, P. SPREAD 4: