Software packages in the BEAST family.

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Programs distributed as part of the core BEAST package

BEAUti | Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Utility. This program is used to import data, design the analysis, and generate the BEAST control file.
BEAST | Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Sampling Trees. This is the main program that takes a control file generated by BEAUti and performs the analysis.
TreeAnnotator | This is a post-analysis program that will produce a summary tree from the output of BEAST.
LogCombiner | This is a utility program that will combine log files from different runs and reduce the sampling frequency (thin them).
TreeStat | This is a utility program that will parse through a set of trees and extract statistics and information from them.

These programs are distributed independently but are important part of the BEAST toolkit.

Tracer | This is a graphical program for exploring the output of BEAST, diagnosing problems, and summarizing the results.
FigTree | This is a graphical program for viewing trees, displaying summary information from TreeAnnotator and generating publication-ready figures.

These programs that will be useful for specific types of data and analysis.

SpreaD3 | A package for analysis and visualisation of pathogen pylodynamic reconstructions.
Tempest | This is a graphical program for looking for temporal signal in trees generated from tipdated sequences.
PiBUSS | This is a program for simulating sequence data under some of the same models implemented in BEAST.