BEAST v1.10.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of BEAST v1.10 BEAST v1.10.0 is a major new version with many new features which focus on flexibility of model specification, integration of different data sources, and increasing the speed and efficiency of sampling. The new version coincides with the publication...

BEAST documentation Site upgrade started

BEAST Documentation updates: Started to implement documentation in GitHub Pages with Jekyll

BEAST v1.8.4 released

BEAST v1.8.4 has been released: Download BEAST v1.8.4 binaries for Mac, Windows and UNIX/Linux Version 1.8.4 released 17th June 2016 New Features: New structured list of citations printed to screen before running. Option ('-citation_file') to write citation list to file. Option in BEAUti Priors panel to...

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