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Analysing BEAST output using Tracer Page Analysing BEAST output files using Tracer
How to specify dates for tips Page A key feature of BEAST is the ability to specify dates for individual sequences (i.e., tips in the tree --- so called tipdates). This is important when the o...
Construct a model in BEAUti Page This page discusses how to construct a phylogenetic model for your data using the graphical user interface in BEAUti. It describes how to link and unlink mod...
How to create custom substitution models Page How to create custom substitution models other than the ones available in BEAUti.
How to use empirical sets of trees Page Using empirical sets of trees generated previously to sample other models over.
How to create fixed local clock models Page Creating a fixed local clock model using taxon sets
How to create taxon sets Page Creating and importing data sets in BEAUti
How to sample the dates of sequences Page Tutorial on how to estimate the sampling dates of observed sequences.
Identifying convergence problems using Tracer Page Convergence diagnostics using Tracer